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Pascual Toso Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

3 Rings Shiraz Barossa Valley 2014

Koyle Gran Reserva Carmenere 2012

Koonara Cape Banks Chardonnay Mount Gambier 2015

BBQ Wines

"When you grill out, you’ve got to have wine around because pairings with grilled food are so tasty. Traditionally, we drink beer when we barbeque or just get any old wine, but I think we can do a little better for you! I don’t want to get too dorky with you, but there’s science here: with heat, and especially with charcoal, food becomes more flavorful. The caramelization process makes veggies sweeter and accentuates savory (umami) notes in the meat. With the stuff you put on the food - marinades and seasoning - there’s a lot going on, and you need some bold wines to make the flavors shine! You’ll find those big, bold flavors in this pack. There’s a Cabernet with tannin and fruit to make grilled red meat velvety. Grilled shrimp and pizza or caramelized vegetables are perfect with full-flavored Shiraz. And grilled chicken or pork with herb rubs will find a friend in Chile’s unique grape, Carmenere. If you want something lighter for grilled fish that complements a variety of seasonings - a fuller bodied, yet acidic Chardonnay is the pick. Raise the bar on BBQ with these pairings! Grab this pack and experience magic with these fabulous, full-flavored wines!"
-Elizabeth Schneider

$69.99 FREE Shipping
Selected by:

Certified Sommelier
Elizabeth Schneider

What You Get

  • Four 750ml bottles of wine hand selected by a Weekly Tasting Sommelier; you pick which week and Sommelier you like. No recurring club fees!
  • A 10 minute Tasting video led by the Sommelier
  • A pack of tasting cards with recipe pairings
  • Access to a personal Weekly Tasting cellar to review your wines and share with friends

How It Works

Each week our Somms thoughtfully select a 4-pack of wine based on a common theme. Once the pack is selected, they record a video so you can watch along and learn about each wine as you taste your pack. Weekly Tasting isn't a club so you'll only receive the packs you select!

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