Syrah & The Blends


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Château Mas Neuf 'Le Clos' Costières de Nîmes 2014

Donato Giangirolami 'Prodigo' Lazio IGP Syrah 2015

Kirrihill Regional Selection Clare Valley Shiraz 2015

Folin Cellars Rogue Valley Oregon Syrah 2014

Syrah & The Blends

"In this pack, we will explore four different reds that are all made from Syrah (or Syrah blends) from four different areas of the world. As you are learning about wine, it is always helpful to compare and contrast different wines made from the same grape in order to see the similarities and differences. I have included two versions from the Old World (Italy and France) and two versions from the New World (Australia and the United States). Syrah, called "Shiraz" in Australia and other parts of the world, is often blended with grapes like Grenache, Carignan, and Mourvèdre in France. I love the Syrah grape - the flavor is more savory than a lot of other red grapes, and it also has flavors of olives (green and black), smoked meats like bacon, cured meats like ham, and the spice of black and white pepper. It often has a soft, floral aroma of lavender, and when grown in Australia, it can also show a lot of minty qualities. The body can range from medium (in cold climates) to full (in warm climates), and regardless of the climate, it usually has a fresh, bright acidity and medium-soft tannins. Syrah is a great alternative to Malbec, Merlot, or Red Zinfandel and pairs perfectly with roasted lamb, charred/dry-aged steak, and grilled vegetables like eggplant and mushrooms." -Laura Maniec, MS

$69.99 FREE Shipping
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  • Four 750ml bottles of wine hand selected by a Weekly Tasting Sommelier; you pick which week and Sommelier you like. No recurring club fees!
  • A 10 minute Tasting video led by the Sommelier
  • A pack of tasting cards with recipe pairings
  • Access to a personal Weekly Tasting cellar to review your wines and share with friends

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Each week our Somms thoughtfully select a 4-pack of wine based on a common theme. Once the pack is selected, they record a video so you can watch along and learn about each wine as you taste your pack. Weekly Tasting isn't a club so you'll only receive the packs you select!

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