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Piazzano Chianti 2015

Cármine Jumilla 2009

Reina de Castilla Verdejo 2015

Vila Nova Avesso Vinho Verde 2016

BYOB Wines

"Sometimes your local places have the best food, but their wine selection is lacking. Or, even better: they don’t serve wine and encourage you to bring your own! With a BYOB, you can save a bunch of money on your bill - check out the menu before you go to match your wine perfectly and ensure that you get the exact wine you want every time. I selected these four wines to match Mexican, Italian, burgers/American, and Thai/Asian takeout perfectly. I can guarantee that the sum of the flavors will be better than the food or wine alone. 

This pack is ideal for anyone who loves BYOBs, takeout, or cooking these types of cuisines at home! Get this pack, keep it in your wine fridge or on your wine rack, and grab and go anytime you’re about to leave the house for a BYOB venue. Your mouth will thank you!" -Elizabeth Schneider

$69.99 FREE Shipping
Selected by:

Certified Sommelier
Elizabeth Schneider

What You Get

  • Four 750ml bottles of wine hand selected by a Weekly Tasting Sommelier; you pick which week and Sommelier you like. No recurring club fees!
  • A 10 minute Tasting video led by the Sommelier
  • A pack of tasting cards with recipe pairings
  • Access to a personal Weekly Tasting cellar to review your wines and share with friends

How It Works

Each week our Somms thoughtfully select a 4-pack of wine based on a common theme. Once the pack is selected, they record a video so you can watch along and learn about each wine as you taste your pack. Weekly Tasting isn't a club so you'll only receive the packs you select!

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You Watch & Enjoy!

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