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Chateau de Francs Cotes de Bordeaux Francs 2012

Chateau de Rivereau Grande Cuvee Cotes de Bourg 2012

Chateau Moulin De Clairac Graves 2015

Chateau Rousset Caillau Bordeaux Superieur 2015


"As you start exploring Bordeaux, it seems like a place of glitzy châteaus, ridiculously expensive wine, and an untouchable quality that makes it impossible to relate to. But that’s not the story of most Bordeaux. An historic area that’s been making wine since at least 3 A.D., it’s a huge region with a diversity of styles, most of which are affordable and easy to drink once you crack the code on what you like. And Weekly Tasting is here to help you do that! Place makes a difference here, so I’ve scouted different areas of Bordeaux to show the range in style based on where the wine is from. I’ve also selected two vintages so you can see how that makes a difference in Bordeaux. You’re the ultimate judge, but I’m confident that you’ll find an underlying similarity in these wines, a sense of land that makes Bordeaux so very special (and deserving of the exclamation point in the pack name, obviously)."  - Elizabeth Schneider

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Selected by:

Certified Sommelier
Elizabeth Schneider

What You Get

  • Four 750ml bottles of wine hand selected by a Weekly Tasting Sommelier; you pick which week and Sommelier you like. No recurring club fees!
  • A 10 minute Tasting video led by the Sommelier
  • A pack of tasting cards with recipe pairings
  • Access to a personal Weekly Tasting cellar to review your wines and share with friends

How It Works

Each week our Somms thoughtfully select a 4-pack of wine based on a common theme. Once the pack is selected, they record a video so you can watch along and learn about each wine as you taste your pack. Weekly Tasting isn't a club so you'll only receive the packs you select!

Somm selects

We send it

You watch & enjoy!