Italian: A Tale Of Two Worlds


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This Week's Tasting

Petroni Rosso di Sonoma 2010

Seghesio Sangiovese Alexander Valley 2012

Feudo Santa Croce Primitivo di Manduria Imperio LXXIV 2015

Antica Cantina Ceppaiano Chianti 2014

Italian: A Tale Of Two Worlds

"The inspiration for this pack of wine was cooking Sunday dinners at my grandmother, Rose's, house. These dinners were filled with wine and big Italian dishes, including meatballs, sauce, eggplant parmigiana, sausage, and pasta. All of the wines in the pack are perfect for a family gathering and can be served side-by-side to compare and contrast - you will be ready for the next few weeks if you cook every Sunday (or any day). The early Italian settlement of the mining counties of northern California was part of the larger settlement of California by Italian people. The arrival of these "Genovesi" in California, beginning in the 1850's, coincided with the early development of the state. As a result, the Italians played a vital role in the creation of the California wine scene. I chose two wines from Italy and two wines from California that were similar so that you could compare and showcase the different flavors. In both California wines, you will find more power and fruit, and in both Italian wines you will find more tart, mouthwatering acidity and tannins." -Laura Maniec, MS 


$69.99 FREE Shipping
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Laura Maniec

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