If you’re a wine lover, you already know that drinking it can grant you substantial health benefits. It promotes heart health and decreases blood clotting, among other advantages. However, we typically only hear these great things about red wine.

So, what happens to those of us who prefer white wine? What do we get?

It turns out that white wine also provides many benefits besides its crisp and sweet flavor, and we’re here to let you in on the secrets.

While we’re definitely not doctors and this isn’t medical advice to live by, there’s nothing wrong with reaping some health benefits while you’re enjoying your daily glass of wine.


White wine lovers, rejoice!

After learning these facts, you can finally boast about the perks of your favorite Riesling.

Heart and Metabolism Improvements
Everyone knows that red wine is beneficial for the heart, however, we can’t leave white wine in the dark. Drinking white wine with dinner has been proven to provide similar heart and metabolism improvements. In fact, drinking two glasses of white wine a day can decrease your chances of contracting heart disease by up to 25%. Some whites even have the ability to protect the heart against aging.

Cholesterol Level Reduction
No matter what color of wine you drink, you could see significant reductions to your cholesterol. So step aside, red — white wine is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Lung Function
White wine lovers can (literally) breathe easy because drinking whites have a direct correlation with better lung function. Whites possess the antioxidants and nutrients that keep the tissues healthy and stop the development of molecules that destroy the lungs. Take that, red.

Disease Prevention
White wine can prevent some forms of cancer, especially breast and bowel cancers. It’s also linked to improved memory function and Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Weight Loss
Feeling guilty for having that extra glass? You don’t have to. White wine contains antioxidants that are proven to help trim the waistline. Drink one to two glasses a day and keep a healthy diet to lose a few pounds.



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