For thousands of years, people around the world have been tasting wine and identifying the subtle aromas and flavors of each bottle. To successfully taste wine, you must tap into your senses, exercise your mind, and learn from those around you.


Here are five reasons to choose this incredible hobby:

Indulge Your Love of Wine

Do you enjoy a glass of red Bordeaux with your steak or a crisp Riesling as you relax in the evening? Experimenting with wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to drink more wine and better appreciate what makes each bottle so appealing. Every glass you pour is influenced by its varietal of grape, the earth where their grapevines grew, and more.


Fully Engage Your Brain

Set down your sudoku and crossword puzzles! Wine tasting is a fantastic way to keep your mind sharp. The mental workout begins as your brain responds to the molecules in each glass of wine and creates the experience of scent and flavor. Then, you must identify the subtle flavors in each sip, such as gentle notes of blackberry, pomegranate, or passion fruit.


Explore Your Unique Preferences

When you pick up a book at the library, do you run right to the checkout counter, or do you take a moment to read the blurb on the back? A wine tasting allows you to taste a variety of wines before committing to a glass or bottle. Sniff the one-of-a-kind aroma, take a sip, and find the wines that make your taste buds sing.


Connect with Others

The best bottle of wine is one that is shared. If you go to an in-person wine tasting, you will meet new people who share your interest in this exquisite beverage. You can also join an online monthly wine membership group, which gives you a great reason to invite friends over for drinks or host a large gathering.


Prepare for Your Next Event

Stop standing in the middle of the liquor store while desperately trying to figure out the right choice for your upcoming dinner party/romantic date/office gift exchange. After a few wine tastings, you will have the knowledge to choose an incredible wine and impress your social circle.


Learn Wine Tasting from Our Expert Sommeliers

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