If your friend or family member is a big wine buff and your knowledge is limited to red vs. white, then buying them a bottle of wine from the local liquor store is risky. Giving them a gift card to a trusted provider of wines is a safer bet, but it might not have the “wow” factor you’re looking for this holiday season.

Fortunately, our expert wine connoisseurs know exactly which gifts will thrill any wine lover. Explore this holiday guide today, and leave a comment to let us know which wine-themed item you chose!


A Stylish Wine Glass Set

Get creative with this one. Copper wire, crazy colors, and off-kilter designs are all available online for affordable prices, so you can find an item for any personality. Is your gift recipient a little more traditional? Monogrammed wine glasses are a welcome addition to any wine lover’s home.


A Cool Device (For Chilled Wine!)

The temperature of wine affects its taste and smell. Sparkling wine should be served ice cold, between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Rosé and white wine should be served at a more moderate 50 to 60 degrees, while red wine is ideal at a slightly cool 60 to 70 degrees.

A variety of devices are designed to chill wine to just the right temperature, including wine chillers and thermoelectric coolers. A wine enthusiast would also appreciate a wine bottle thermometer, which allows them to easily determine if their bottle is ready to serve.


A Wine Aerator for Better Wine In Seconds!

When you expose wine to air, it triggers oxidation and evaporation. These processes cause the wine to become more expressive and aromatic, but too much air will take away from the taste.

Many wine lovers will aerate their wine with a quick swirl of the glass, or they will leave it in a decanter for roughly 30 minutes. With an electronic wine aerator, however, wine lovers can instantly aerate a bottle of wine.


A Beautiful Decanter

For wine lovers who prefer a more classic aeration method, a decanter is an ideal gift. Decanters come in many gorgeous shapes, though a traditional style features a broad and rounded base with a thin neck. You can also choose between more expensive crystal decanters and dishwasher-friendly glass versions.


A Wine Preservation System

In contrast to decanters and aerators, a wine preservation system is designed to stop the oxidation process, allowing you to enjoy a glass of wine without harming the bottle’s natural aging process.

A wine preservation system will puncture the bottle’s cork and allow you to pour a glass of wine. The system’s needle is small enough that the cork can reseal after it is removed, and its interior is filled with a wine-preserving gas, so oxygen never touches the bottled wine.


A Fancy Bottle Stopper

Another way to preserve a bottle of wine is to put a bottle stopper in place of its original cork. Most wine enthusiasts have a few bottle stoppers already, but you can find plenty of outstanding options when you search online.


A Better Bottle Opener

Drinking a lot of wine is a lot like eating crab legs. The taste is incredible, but getting to the good stuff is a lot of work! Fortunately, there are many interesting and innovative bottle openers that make incredible gifts: twist, lever, and double-hinged corkscrews, rechargeable electric openers, and beyond.


A Carefully-Curated Wine Tasting Set

At Weekly Tasting, our experts have tasted hundreds of wines in order to discover the finest examples of each varietal. Every week, we create a themed tasting with four wines that perfectly exemplify that theme and help to train the drinker’s palate. For example, one week we might offer a tasting pack of Spanish Red wine, while the next we may focus on different Cabernets. In addition to our featured set, you can also find four additional themed packs to explore each week.


An Online Wine Class

We also offer wine tasting classes online that come with six different wines and an online wine education video featuring one of our master sommeliers. This thoughtful gift doesn’t just offer six bottles of wine that are hand-selected by wine connoisseurs — it also provides the opportunity for your loved one to expand their knowledge of regions, varietals, and more.

To order an incredible wine-themed gift this holiday season, or to find out more about the wine classes online at Weekly Tasting, please visit https://www.weeklytasting.com/gifts.