With so many different bottles to taste, it’s important to know how long a wine can stay fresh once opened. Here’s a guide for how long you can keep sipping from the bottles you’ve opened. We suggest resealing and refrigerating any open bottle. For reds or other wines that do best at room temperature, let the wine warm on the counter while sealed, and enjoy as you normally would.


Sparkling Wine: 1 – 2 days

Losing carbonation is the main concern for sparkling wine, since it will go flat before it oxidizes. If you have a sparkling wine stopper, it will usually be okay to drink for up to 2 days. The more space in a bottle, the more carbonation escapes- so if you have less than half a bottle, just finish it off or reserve it for cooking.


Dry Reds, Whites, and Rosés: 2 – 5 days

Over oxidation is enemy of wine and different aspects of wine affect oxidation. The more acidic or the more tannic a wine is, the longer it can last.


Dessert Wine: 2 – 7 days

Sugar helps hinder oxidation, which allow some wines to stay fresh longer than dry wines.


Ruby Port, Vintage Port: 4 – 10 days

Fortified wines retain freshness longer than regular wine due the high levels of sugar and alcohol in the bottle. Ruby Port and Vintage Port are meant to exhibit fresher fruit flavors than other styles and oxidize more quickly than Tawny Port or Madeira.


Tawny Port and Madeira: 1 month – unlimited

These wines not only contain high levels of alcohol and sugar, but they have already been exposed to high levels of oxygen during production and aging. Madeira is usually completely oxidized before it’s bottled, so it can last for years after opening.


Remember, each wine is different and a lot of factors play into how long an open bottle can keep. Always smell and taste before enjoying a previously opened bottle.