Put away your summer wines! As the holiday season approaches, our wine experts have been hard at work selecting the finest bottles for Winter 2018. Read below to get a sneak peek of our Weekly Tasting sets.

Featured tasting: St. Emilion vs. Pomerol

With fine wine, the secret ingredient lies in the soil. Explore wines from France’s neighboring regions of St. Emilion and Pomerol! Perfect for French wine lovers looking for serious age-worthy wines.


Featured Tasting: Classic Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir grape creates some of the world’s greatest wines, and it evokes passion in many wine lovers. Find out why in this Weekly Tasting tasting! Perfect for Foodies seeking fantastic food and wine pairings and easy drinking wines.


Featured Tasting: Treasures of France: Cru Beaujolais

These light and lively French wines are produced in the ten “crus” of the Beaujolais region. Which cru will you prefer? Perfect for a beginning wine lover that enjoys light reds!


Featured Tasting: Nebbiolo vs. Barolo

Sky-high tannins meet delicate floral aromas in these wines made from the Nebbiolo grape. Expect intensity from these bottles! Intense wines to warm up Italian wine lovers during the colder months


Featured Tasting: Syrah & The Blends

Discover incredible Syrah and unique blends. This dark, antioxidant-rich wine is full-bodied, tannin-heavy, and ideal for cold weather. These Spicy and savory wines shine when paired with hearty meals


Featured Tasting: Australia

Take a trip across Australia in this tasting set! This country is best known for their Shiraz and Chardonnay, but their vineyards are always experimenting and diversifying. Perfect for the adventurous drinker exploring new and under-rated


Featured Tasting: Thanksgiving’s Perfect Pair

What wines are you serving this Thanksgiving? This tasting tasting is carefully cultivated to complement your family feast! Perfect for taking to, and pairing with, all the Holiday flavors! We suggest getting at least 3 sets – one for your big meal, one for the leftovers, and another for the guests that keep asking where you get fantastic wines!


Featured Tasting: Eponymous Winery Tasting

From rich, full, and round Cabernet Sauvignon to well-balanced Syrah, savor these fantastic wines crafted by Eponymous Winery in the Napa Valley. The famed Eponymous Winery is known to be difficult to source, as they only release their wines into less than 30 markets, most of which are in California. Make sure to snag this tasting set for the Napa wine lover in your life.


Featured Tasting: Chardonnay For Everyone

Chardonnay is ideal for celebration, and these incredible vintages are certainly worth celebrating! Discover how distinct this varietal can be.

Don’t Forget About Our Classes!

We’ll be offering two incredible online wine classes this holiday season:

  • Wine Class: Intro to Tasting
  • Wine Class: Intro To Common Grapes

In each class, one of our master sommeliers will guide wine lovers through a tasting of six hand-selected wines. These courses are the ideal choice for people who would like to better train their palate.

Our upcoming Weekly Tasting sets and our wine education videos online are perfect gifts for this season. Buy them for a loved one or as a holiday treat for yourself!